Igniting Change has a unique philosophy, business model, and approach to leading for the greater good. Their positive impact on people and our communities has been truly monumental, underpinned by three core beliefs. It’s these tenets that set them apart from other organisations, drive their success, and shape their identity.

In this article, we explore the ethos behind Igniting Change. What can we learn from them? How can they inspire our organisations? How can we apply their wisdom to grow as individuals? And how can we ignite change today? The answer awaits…read on!

Who is Igniting Change?

Founded by the legendary Jane Tewson, an inaugural Newday alumni speaker, Igniting Change is a deliberately small charity. It sparks the fire of transformational change in our communities by finding small, yet impactful frontline agencies and not-for-profit community organisations, with the goal of connecting them with their Igniting Change ‘supporter’ family – an alliance of energetic, passionate, purpose-driven, and curious individuals who have the resources to help in some way. Interestingly, a supporter is not required to provide financial support, but could offer their time, skills, connections, or another form of contribution. Sometimes they are curious to know what they can do, or to simply deepen their understanding of an issue.

The Igniting Change way – 3 powerful philosophies to live and work by

Igniting Change lives by three inspiring and prevailing philosophies that touch every aspect of their business, including what they say, what they do, and how they approach their work. There is immense power and wisdom in their beliefs, and they shine a light on what organisations and individuals need to be more cognisant of in our everyday operations and lives.

Philosophy 1: See the person, not the label

Let’s be real…society is judgemental. Have you ever thought negatively about someone because of their label, without fully understanding who they are and what their story is? Perhaps it’s the homeless person in the street or the Indigenous Australian on the train? If so, you’re not alone. Unconscious bias, categorising people, and a lack of curiosity and compassion can create incomplete and inaccurate perceptions of others, situations, and society, shrouding us from the truth. This is dangerous.

The key is to challenge your own views, educate yourself on the real story, and have the courage to see the person behind the label. This could involve something as simple as starting a conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally talk to, being curious, and listing intently to them, their life story, and their perspective.

To help ‘see the person, not the label’, Igniting Change has created an incredible mini-book Small ways to shape the world – a collection of 50 thoughts and suggestions to spark a kinder and more compassionate world. This book seeks to open people’s eyes, stimulate their curiosity, alter their perceptions, and help them to consider different perspectives.

Order your copy here.

Philosophy 2: Meet the people, feel the issues

Too often organisations and individuals think ‘I know best’. They go blindly on a course of action without exploring and interrogating it with those who have the lived experience – those who really know best. This leads to an incomplete, skewed, inaccurate and misguided understanding of problems and their solutions.

Igniting Change believes, first and foremost, in giving a voice to people who have the lived experience, who are from diverse backgrounds and who have expertise in the area. This ensures that solutions are designed based on their insight, wisdom, and knowledge.

By hearing directly from ‘the horse’s mouth’, we can best tackle the big issues, and begin to mobilise resources that are going to be the most effective.

So, whatever sector or organisation you work for, this philosophy is key to success. If you’re in aged care, ask the residents about their solutions to your problems, or if you’re in social housing, ask the homeless about their experience and insights. The answers lie here.

Philosophy 3: Bring extraordinary people together to create extraordinary outcomes

Being a changemaker is rarely a sole pursuit. In most cases it takes collaboration to achieve great things.

This philosophy is close to the heart of both Igniting Change and Newday Leadership. We believe that by bringing the right people together (whether it’s individuals or organisations) change can be ignited, and extraordinary things can happen for the greater good.

Igniting Change expertly connects people with issues, as well as changing perceptions and building understanding along the way. By doing so, they can catalyse social change, and make a significant impact to individuals and communities.

To learn more about Igniting Change success stories, check out the compelling read The Art of Pollination. A year in the life of Igniting Change Founder, and changemaker, Jane Tewson, this book shares a plethora of examples where unlikely combinations of people have come together to catalyse social change and create a real and lasting difference in our world.

To learn more about the book, listen to the Igniting Change podcast here.

See the person, not the label.

How has Igniting Change inspired Newday?

As an active contributor to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we believe in learning from other organisations, collaborating with them, and creating positive change in our communities (goal #17).

As a curious organisation, Newday has endeavoured to learn from Igniting Change. We have taken inspiration from their broad positive impact, business expertise, and values-based beliefs.

We are proud to say that Igniting Change guides our actions and decision-making, making us a better and more impactful organisation.

How can you ignite change today?

Newday Leadership and Igniting Change believe in creating a better world. Here are our top tips to help you ignite change today.

1. It’s sometimes the small things that make all the difference to other people. We encourage you to consciously choose a growth mindset, whilst being mindful to:

  • judge less
  • listen more
  • be curious towards yourself and others
  • be open-hearted and compassionate
  • surround yourself with a like-minded tribe of changemakers
  • be humble in your endeavours.

2. Embark on a journey to know yourself better. By doing so, you can step into who you were born to be and ignite change from a place of deep purpose and passion. But this is a process – and one that can take time.

Newday Leadership exists to inspire, motivate, and instil individuals and organisations with the insights, knowledge, and power to achieve their potential, and lead for the greater good.